Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I believe that technology is only as useful as it does not impede us in becoming better. Technology has long stood to me as progress, but lately I have been seeing it more and more hurting different individuals. What do I mean or what am I talking about?

Well recently I was in a church service and I saw several of my friends actively engaged in different activities on their cell phones. Besides being a great distraction to them, it also quite distracted me, the sound of the plastic cell phone’s buttons being impressed. I love technology as much as the next guy, but it has really been distracting me. I don’t judge my friends but I wonder how much those friends are getting out of the church service.

As technology becomes miniaturized technology becomes easier to bring everywhere and with that simpler less obtrusive access to it at all times, it will invade places we never would have accepted years ago. We make ourselves on call at all times and all places.

Sometimes I think about going on great excursions to some remote place to be alone. I consider such lengths, but in truth all I really need to do is turn off my cell phone, turn off my computers, and perhaps close the door in my room. I need times when technology will not intrude. One of those places is church, I don’t want outside communication.

I don’t mean for this to be an anti-technology rant. What I would like to express and what I do hope for is for people to carefully consider what role technology should play in their lives. Wether or not the technology they currently possess is blessing them or hurting them? If their are times when they are using technology and it takes away from the experience, turn it off or leave it at home.

You would never take your desktop computer to church bring a deck of cards and play solitaire. You would never take your laptop to church and sit and chat on facebook. Why is it okay for people to do it shamelessly on their cell phones. After all many of the cell phone models have more in common with a PC today then they do a phone. Look no further then Apple’s iPhone.

I will not claim to be a perfect shinning example of this. I have just been considering it a lot lately and I pledge to myself that I will ask myself the above questions often and make needed adjustments to have a better life.


Grace Hatton said...

To me, there is nothing better than finding a place of solitude, as an escape. Thankfully we have Sacrament meeting, and the temple to resort to. But in addition to that, I find great blessings in immersing myself in nature. This earth has many wonderful messages we can learn from, just by being in it.
So what is the purpose of technology? The purpose is easy, instant accessibility to information. The advancement of technology is essentially created to make our lives easier/more convenient. And unfortunately, many of the population uses this 'conveniency' to destroy their lives, with the garbage we find a click away. (And not just pornography, I think facebook can be damaging too!)

And yeah, texting during church drives me crazy too. But now, I have this really awesome iphone application that has all church manuals, canon, hymns, general conference talks, etc. and I sometimes get self conscious when I read from it, because I don't want people thinking I'm goofing off! SO yeah. There are wonderful purposes that technology serves but, as always, there is opposition in all things.

Grace Hatton said...

D'oh! Excuse me for not saying this before. That was a lovely post, Britton. It sure did get me thinking.

Britton Stanfill said...

Thanks for your comments! I second your sentiments about worrying that sometimes people might think that when I am looking at scriptures on my iPod Touch that I am playing games or something else unrelated to the discussion at hand.