Saturday, November 6, 2010

The funny thing about perspective

Isn’t it funny how so often in life we lack a certain perspective in the moment that we need it? From that moment or experience, we often obtain that greater perspective we needed. Only for it to be too late for it to have been of use in that moment. It seems that almost daily my perspective is altered about something, someone, or an event in life.
After considering this perplextion, (my new word) one of my greatest desires is to understand what life is, as I am experiencing it. Not understanding life in retrospect. Everything seems easier to understand in retrospect even though its out of its purest context.
We live life in many ways behind the fog of war. Sometimes things are ambiguous, sometimes we are unaware of factors at work, sometimes there are too many factors to have a complete picture or understand how all of them correlate with the state of our lives. Luckily one significant difference between the ambiguity in my life and the fog of war is no one dies with my inability to see and understand all.
Lately I have been praying to gain a greater perspective, in time to use it, in the moment I need it. The one thing I am sure about is that though my perspective is limited, God’s is not.

Mae - The Sun And The Moon