Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dance as Medium

Dance is a powerful medium for expression. This is something that I have learned over the years from exposure to it at my cousins performances, performances at BYU-I, and most recently at various events or in the streets and subways of NYC. I think Dance is greatly underestimated as a medium for telling stories or communicating meaningful concepts or emotions. 

I have been able to see a variety of performances of Modern Dance at Summer Stage in Central Park. This is not my favorite numbers that I saw a couple weeks ago, but it can give you a taste. This number was about Quantum Mechanics. I will say that not all "modern dance" is truly art in my opinion. 

I also have loved seeing some really talented break-dancers. I saw this clip watching TED. If you don't know about TED, you should fix that. "TED, ideas worth thinking about" is worthy of your time. Anyways, enjoy the taste of modern and break dance in this video.

I recommend watching this dance video using Full-Screen. 


NessaAnn said...

Loved that LXD! M and I have watched a few episodes and enjoyed them but I think this was even better.

Britton Stanfill said...

I had never heard of LXD before I saw that TED. I definitely was really impressed though. I think it would be really neat to go to one of their live performances.