Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SumerStage - Guster

Guster, has been one of my favorite bands since the first time I listened to them. I can thank my older sister Emily and her best friend Katie for the introduction back in middle school. I loved this band immediately, not only because they liked Guster (which didn't hurt because I had a long enduring crush on Katie and considered pretty much everything they did and liked as cool). Guster's sound and lyric just speaks to me. Starting in middle school I would listen to Political Radio, Top Hits, IDM, or a Guster CD while doing homework. I think every mix CD I have ever made has contained at least the bare minimum of one Guster song. The point is I have loved Guster for a long time.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to Guster play live in Central Park. They were incredible, I am determined to go to the next Guster concert that has some degree of proximity to me. For those of you who are Guster fans I have made available one song from the concert. Thanks Guster for the great concert!

Guster - Demons

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Mike and Emily said...

Awesome, dude! I love this song!