Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 10 Techniques Internet Trolls Use

You may be dealing with an Internet Troll if:

1. They attack the person not the argument.
2. Trolls post a short statement designed to bait their victims into an argument. (These statements will be non-qualified and they will be juvenile.)
3. They will insist in having the last word, even if they are words of conciliation.
4. They will introduce tangential inflammatory content in the form of quotes, images, websites, or youtube videos.
5. They will take your arguments out of context as a means to weaken your statement.
6. They will put "words in your mouth". Point five and six are closely related and applied.
7. Trolls often claim years of experience, inside information, sometimes even cite having the acquaintance of someone who "would know",  yet their argument will fly in the face of facts and good common sense.
8. If it is possible they are more likely than not to post their comments anonymously.
9. If you ask an Internet Troll a sincere question, they will not directly answer your question.
10. Repetition, they may spam in a very literal manner, but often times they will repeat step one and two until the desired reaction is reached.

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